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Linda and Abby

This is me with my other beach bum, Abby.

About Beach Bum

The “beach bum” in Beach Bum Jewels is Linda Mickevicius.  Linda has always been drawn to the beach not only for the treasures that are waiting there but for the extreme peace and relaxation that she experiences while there.  She and her husband Ben, along with their 3 yorkies, Livvy, Abby, and Ollie, are avid boaters and beachcombers.  Their home near the shores of Lake Michigan is filled with shells, driftwood, crinoids and of course beach glass and sea glass.  Linda began collecting beach glass a few years ago while sailing aboard a catamaran in the British Virgin Islands.  That first piece she picked up is still her favorite and will remain in her possession forever.

In 2005 the transition from beach glass collector to jewelry designer evolved.  Though an accounting and IT professional by trade, Linda says that designing and crafting jewelry from her found beach glass, allows her creative side to flourish in her mostly technical world.  It adds balance to her life.

Not really sure how to proceed with this new-found passion, Linda began seeking out others who share her love of beach glass, sea glass and Beach Bum Jewels was born.  As the obsession with beach glass continues to grow, so does the beach glass jewelry business.  Linda has been joined by her daughter Jamie, and grandchildren Garrett, Andrew and Matthew in the sea glass jewelry making process.  Her husband Ben and two other grandchildren Madison, and Blake also assist in the hunt for jewelry quality sea beach glass. Each of the three generations of family members has a key role in the business.

In addition to displaying her beach glass jewelry on her website and at art/beach festivals, Linda’s sea glass jewelry can be purchased at her studio at 617 Franklin Street and at Shady Creek Winery.