Beach Bum Jewels

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So, what is beach/sea glass?

Glass Beach, Fort Bragg CA


Beach glass or sea glass is glass that has been discarded in to bodies of water, either intentionally or by accident, that has found its way to shore. Typically glass from an ocean is called sea glass, while glass from lakes is generally referred to as beach glass. We use both beach glass and sea glass in our jewelry. Both fresh and salt waters can produce beautiful, smooth frosted beach glass. It is these colorful, frosty gems that we use to create our beach glass, sea glass jewelry.

How we make our jewelry

We are proud to say that we are now 3 generations of “beach bums.”¬† See our About Us page for the rundown on the “bums.”¬† In brief, grandma, daughter and three grandchildren design and hand fabricate our beach and sea glass into works of jewelry art.

Browse and purchase beach bum jewelry

Please take a look at our Gallery page to look through photos of our creations.  Visit us in our studio at 617 Franklin Street,  Michigan City, IN.

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